Anomaly RC22 – kolejna aktualizacja


Minął nieco ponad tydzień od wydania ostatniej aktualizacji, a twórcy Anomaly przygotowali już kolejną, oznaczoną jako RC22.

W dalszym ciągu nie wiemy praktycznie nic na temat powstającego powoli Anomaly 1.6, za to prace nad usprawnianiem wersji 1.5 trwają nieprzerwanie. RC21, tak jak poprzednie wersje Release Candidate, wprowadziło kilka istotnych poprawek, jednak to nie koniec zmian. Anomaly RC22 przynosi szereg nowych, które znajdziecie w poniższym changelogu, a samą aktualizację pobierzecie tutaj.

- Fixed portal issue in Yanov station
- fixed possible issue in the tower near the station
- Replaced FXAA with SMAA in advanced video settings
- Added SMAA vertex shaders, updated pixel shaders
- corrected some hemi colour in weather files
- Moved all offset calculations to vertex shaders
- Reduced volume of geiger counter clicks a little
- Turn off detector/device display if the battery is empty
- Updated Anomaly launcher to v1.0.5
- Lowered halogen lamp idle sound volume a little
- Companions carry weight no longer counts companion's items, avoiding cases of where player can barely put items in their inventories
- Companions: Fixed cases of special companions items being available to player
- Inventory: Fixed a case in trading mode where items in trade section are getting removed upon using inventory sorter
- Fixed hand watch not working properly as it used to be
- Fixed a case where player can access and take trade inventory of ISG leader
- Fixed HUD elements being shown while using weapon/binoculars zoom
- Fixed case of disassembled devices giving player an addition fully-powered battery
- Possible fix for crash with immunities
- Fixed breakable meshes in Trucks Cemetery
- Reworked lighting shaders
- Fixed combined sunshafts option
- Fixed some inventory problems, unstable trader inv weight
- Fixed log spam caused by bolt manager
- Fixed DOF default values to make sure the PDA screen is clearly readable when DOF is turned on
- Updated blur shaders
- Red Forest: Fixed "hidden" tree/bush
- Reduced detector beep volume
- Cordon: fixed 2 sector/portal bugs
- Optimized inventory UI update call, should help with fps issues on trading mode
- Turned off the green glow emitted by gas anomalies
- Fixed shader crash when equipping detectors
- Inventory sorting: RPG-7, RG6 and grenades are now listed in weapons section
- Fixed an error related to spawning a psi-dog in Oasis
- Companions: a new stupid yet effective hack to fix companions stucking randomly
- Ammo wheel no longer shows home-made 12x70 buck shots, as they are removed previously from the game
- Small edit for debug launcher (Release object at cursor) action

- Fixed script 3d UI being drawn even though device has empty batteries
- Improved device battery charge handling (switch IsWorking() to true/false depending on battery charge)
- PDA uniform is now used to control brightness of device display (to turn them on/off)
- Improved handling for g_always_active keyboard input is now released when the game loses focus
- Replaced vertex shaders in SMAA
- Exported SVP frame to shaders
- Fixed default r2_ls_depth_bias value
- NPCs no longer throw grenades with 100% accuracy
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