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Tytuł oryginalny: Anomaly
Twórca: Anomaly Developers
Data wydania: 02 II 2021
Wersja językowa: PL
Autor spolszczenia: wymienieni w PDA
Wymagana wersja gry:
repack – mod samodzielny

3.05/5 (220)


Znany i lubiany przez wielu graczy tytuł, będący doskonałym przykładem wykorzystania potencjału drzemiącego w Call of Chernobyl. Anomaly zmienia oraz zauważalnie usprawnia praktycznie każdy aspekt przygody. Dzięki wykorzystaniu przerobionego silnika XRay-Monolith, grafika stoi na niespotykanym dotąd poziomie, z czym wiążą się spore zmiany w modelach, pogodzie, teksturach, itd.

  • nowy silnik;
  • wszystko, co najlepsze z Call of Chernobyl uzupełnione o mnóstwo autorskich pomysłów;
  • nowe postacie, zadania, broń… lista jest naprawdę długa;
  • znacznie ulepszona grafika;
  • trzy scenariusze fabularne;
  • wiele, wiele więcej


Changelog for all changes in 1.5.1 since RC23:

- Fixed missing "Burer brain" item from burer loot
- Adjusted few weapons that had dynamic zoom enabled by default dispite having upgrades to handle this already
- Reverted the change to gas anomalies glow
- A small fix for hiding few HUD elements when using iron sights
- RU: Afterglow's Transmission task text tweaks and general fixes
- Reduced volume of gasmask breathing
- A few cam animation improvements
- Cancel npc medkit usage if wounded
- Vanilla values for new minimap ui settings

- Fixed hand sync on animation end only working for the left hand
- Slightly increased zoom in speed for weapons and devices
- Device zoom in animation is now synced with zoom factor
- Renamed zoom idle animation to "anm_idle_zoom" and moved zoom in/out into a single animation "anm_zoom"
- Few Flashlight fixes regarding animations and battery state
- Small fix for hanging lamp ambient light color after blowouts
- Fixed Torch omni light position not updating
- The return of the "rs_refresh_60hz" command (-60hz launch param can be used alternatively)
- Removed hardcoded transparency for the minimap and allow to change it back to a rectangle minimap in the ui xml

Changelog for RC23:

- Companions: Fixed a new bug where manually exchanged items disappear when given to a quest companion
- Removed dynamic zoom from vssk since it has a dynamic zoom upgrade and corrected the freelook offset
- Fix for safe zone detection during emissions and other things, this will fix weird safe zones found outdoors
- Rebalanced rain + helm rain audio
- Fixed big prefetch file for when launcher/options supported is added
- Fixed HOM/occlusion mesh for Dark Valley
- Fixed guitar and harmonica not playing sounds properly by player
- Fixed weapon parts conditions changing every time an attachment is attached/detached
- Fixed tent taking few seconds to deploy when item animations are disabled
- fixed double use button on sleeping bag
- Lab weather fixes
- Underground labs were not working correctly with weather because the level fog+env files override some parameters
- Updated weather preset for making PDA map shots
- Weather fixes
- small fixes to some skyburn/contrast issues
- Added fire_point, fire_point2, fire_direction and shell_point to the weapon hud editor
- Fixed HOM mesh for Wild Territory
- rain&storms : reworked rain density + rain color to reduce the flicker of the rain particles
- storms: removed sun from daytime storms b/c the sun shadow jumps not nice
- reworked lightning intervals b/c some had very long intervals
- rebalanced lighting and contrast to better match
- improved sunrise+sunset times to hopefully remove all the instances sun is visible through the terrain
- further improvements to minimize the bad skyboxes
- Removed the broken colt kimber from trade presets and npc loadouts
- Slightly increased Cordon's terrain brightness
- Fixed few outfits getting damaged by radiation
- Fixed a case where NV effect still on if you choose to drop the active headlamp
- foggy: created new sun texture for foggy weather
- fixed a few small instances where there might be sun under terrain
- Jupiter: geometry fixes
- Jupiter Underground: Fixed sector bug with stash in train
- Swamps: R1 lighting fixes, misc fixes
- Cordon: R1 lighting+geom fixes
- Garbage: R1 lighting fixes
- Agroprom: R1 lighting fixes
- Darkvalley: R1 lighting fixes
- Bar: r1 lighting fixes + patched terrain near stash
- Army Warehouses: R1 lighting fixes
- Zaton: R1 lighting fixes + geometry fixes
- fix not being able to set crosshair color values back to 255 if changed
- Fixed incorrect texture path in Jupiter Underground
- Fixed msaa can't be turned off again

- Small fix for detector screen on/off functionality
- Remove blood splatter from acid anomalies
- Print detailed error if script failed to load
- Replaced _alloca with xr_alloc in xrCDB Collector::calc_adjacency and added verify checks
- Use fire_direction for fire_bone rotation
- Hud adjust for fire_bone(2), shell_point and fire_direction
- Fix abrupt ending of last shot animation for pistols
- Working actor light definition for CTorch and some general improvements

Changelog for RC22:

- Fixed portal issue in Yanov station
- fixed possible issue in the tower near the station
- Replaced FXAA with SMAA in advanced video settings
- Added SMAA vertex shaders, updated pixel shaders
- corrected some hemi colour in weather files
- Moved all offset calculations to vertex shaders
- Reduced volume of geiger counter clicks a little
- Turn off detector/device display if the battery is empty
- Updated Anomaly launcher to v1.0.5
- Lowered halogen lamp idle sound volume a little
- Companions carry weight no longer counts companion's items, avoiding cases of where player can barely put items in their inventories
- Companions: Fixed cases of special companions items being available to player
- Inventory: Fixed a case in trading mode where items in trade section are getting removed upon using inventory sorter
- Fixed hand watch not working properly as it used to be
- Fixed a case where player can access and take trade inventory of ISG leader
- Fixed HUD elements being shown while using weapon/binoculars zoom
- Fixed case of disassembled devices giving player an addition fully-powered battery
- Possible fix for crash with immunities
- Fixed breakable meshes in Trucks Cemetery
- Reworked lighting shaders
- Fixed combined sunshafts option
- Fixed some inventory problems, unstable trader inv weight
- Fixed log spam caused by bolt manager
- Fixed DOF default values to make sure the PDA screen is clearly readable when DOF is turned on
- Updated blur shaders
- Red Forest: Fixed "hidden" tree/bush
- Reduced detector beep volume
- Cordon: fixed 2 sector/portal bugs
- Optimized inventory UI update call, should help with fps issues on trading mode
- Turned off the green glow emitted by gas anomalies
- Fixed shader crash when equipping detectors
- Inventory sorting: RPG-7, RG6 and grenades are now listed in weapons section
- Fixed an error related to spawning a psi-dog in Oasis
- Companions: a new stupid yet effective hack to fix companions stucking randomly
- Ammo wheel no longer shows home-made 12x70 buck shots, as they are removed previously from the game
- Small edit for debug launcher (Release object at cursor) action

- Fixed script 3d UI being drawn even though device has empty batteries
- Improved device battery charge handling (switch IsWorking() to true/false depending on battery charge)
- PDA uniform is now used to control brightness of device display (to turn them on/off)
- Improved handling for g_always_active keyboard input is now released when the game loses focus
- Replaced vertex shaders in SMAA
- Exported SVP frame to shaders
- Fixed default r2_ls_depth_bias value
- NPCs no longer throw grenades with 100% accuracy

Changelog for RC21:

- Game no longer removes actor bleeding and radiation if you take damage right after loading a save (RC20 hotfix)
- Fixed overheat particles playing when you swing with an axe
- Fixed and improved aim and GL offsets
- Fixed wrong radiation values for IAM with Stone Flower and Crystal
- Fixed outfits with broken weight upgrades
- "Adjustable Zoom" feature for SIG550 Sniper is only acquired by upgrades
- Fixed SVU Alt having very low accuracy
- Fixed Clear Sky guide guiding player above a chemical anomaly
- Fixed an exploit that grants player with free XP using artefact containers
- Improved the way corpses are cleared from the alife, to avoid cases of broken quests
- Improved the way stashes are picked for related quests, to avoid cases of picking unique stashes for common quests
- Fixed log error spam caused by killing stalkers at night
- Fixed a crash when using the workshop to craft items_container_iam
- Fixed workshop repair tab preventing the player from replacing helmets for some outfits
- Fixed normal mapping on trees
- Changed bumpmap intensity
- Fixed sun size for PCSS
- Fixed log spam during Barrier Defense quest on Monolith RPG wave
- Fixed body_release_manager removing corpses with quest items
- Added SMAA shaders
- Removed FXAA shaders
- Added SMAA textures
- Fixed motion blur brightness problem
- Reduced volume of rain audio
- Fixed anomalies retriggering constantly by corpses
- Cleaned up some shader code for improved G-Buffer layouts
- Some weather fixes

- Fixed particles in hud_mode playing at the wrong position
- Changed shader compile crash message to something more informative
- Permanently disabled exclusive input mode since it only causes problems with overlays
- Quickload keybind is now working the same way as the "Last Save" main menu button
- Removed FXAA and added SMAA
- Fixed half pixel offsets
- Check for device state in R3 and R4
- Properly clear geometry shader state
- Removed some PIX events from renderers
- Fixed actor bullet hit power modifier only applying to stalkers
- Added missing rsSMAA flag for the console command
- Fix for depth stencil buffer being recreated all the time
- Fixed problem with fonts offset
- Added position buffer samplers to blur blenders
- The R2 shader compiler is no longer using the legacy flag
- New command to toggle terrain z prepass (r2_terrain_z_prepass) - requires a restart

Changelog for RC20:

- Better achievement descriptions
- Revised Bandit dialogues
- Zaton bug fixes
- Fixed diffuse cracks blending
- Fixed "white vignette" problem
- Updated gasmask reflection shader
- Shader fix for hard edge problem
- Improved reflections
- Fixed tactical flashlight cone
- Restored missing TOZ34 prop texture in Trucks Cemetery
- Optimised rock textures in Rostok
- Fixed missing texture on an94 with 1p29 scope
- Fix for fast travel crash with long names enabled
- Fixed inventory bug with item picker: using an item inside picker with right-click cause it to stuck
- Disabled a dynamic electro anomaly above X-18 entrance due to clipping issues, might need a new game to get rid of it
- Fixed alife storage exploding after a while because of ammo stacking inside NPCs inventories
- Better handling of weapon auto-lowering when talking to npcs
- Fixed being unable to equip weapons after talking
- Item Details UI will show installed upgrades now
- Disabled home-made buck ammo from the game
- Fixed RPM bar not showing in item info box
- Fixed crash caused by item picker inside inventory
- Improved sunshafts performance
- Fixed particle brightness
- Many updates to RU translation files
- Background change for weather editor
- Added callbacks to allow preventing of blowout and psi storm
- Monolith suicide now uses a scripted grenade
- Removed slowdown from CoP thermal zones
- Fixed possible log spam
- Trading no longer checks for relation
- Stalkers no longer need ammo in inv to reload weapons, removed all script functions that give them 1 ammo
- New debug button: List items to print a list of all items the target NPC has
- New Lamp Script Binder to control custom sounds and flickering per lamp
- Removed all occurrences of "add_cam_effector2" since it was removed from the engine
- Better looking blowout earthquake effect
- Fixed a cooking related bug
- Fixed the door leading from Sarcophagus to Monolith Lab being bugged
- Improved safe zone detection script
- Fixed Forester's vise not being available to use after payment
- Improved SVD "Lynx" hit damage
- Fixed guitar and harmonica not playing music by player
- Fixed a crash in Warfare with missing helicopter for bonus factions
- Fix for DX8 indoors lighting
- Fix: npc self healing actually increased bleeding
- Fixed issue with static geometry lighting

- Many rendering improvements and shader updates
- Added "anm_close_empty" and "snd_close_weapon_empty" to shotgun classes
- Fixed "anm_reload_misfire_w_gl" reloading instead of clearing the jam
- Added "snd_shot_misfire" and "snd_shot_misfire_actor" to WeaponMagazined, will play on the last shot before a misfire
- Misfire state is now updated before playing the shoot sound
- Reload animations can now use motion marks to update the ammo counter before the animation has finished playing
- Removed "add_cam_effector2", just call "add_cam_effector" with or without the optional arguments instead
- Fixed devices playing the zoom out animation before hiding on weapon reload
- Use weapon barrel direction on fire if actor was moving (or always if g_firepos is on)
- Added another argument to add_cam_effector() to adjust the cam effect "power"
- Few fixes for LAnim and flickering lights
- Fixed zoom draw animation not playing for custom devices
- Added "is_on" and "is_flickering" script exports to hanging lamps
- Added "level.iterate_nearest(pos,range,func)"
- Added "GetFireMode" script export to weapons
- Unlimited ammo now works as it should, npcs are able to reload without the need for ONE ammo item in their inventory.
- Fixed underbarrel grenadelauncher reload
- Removed bloodmarks spawning when hit by burners
- script exports: "can_be_harmed" and "set_can_be_harmed"

Changelog for all changes in RC19 since Beta 3:


- 3D PDA
- Companions wheel, with a new inventory management button when you aim at a companion
- Companions trade UI is changed to match default inventory, with a support for take all/give all buttons
- Improved Ecologists model variation. Mercs and Loners guiding Scientiest now wear something that represent Ecologists instead of having armours identical to their factions (effect will take on new Ecologists squads).
- Players can insert batteries in devices even if they are equipped in slots, no need to put them in inventory again to do.
- Inventory items highlight now works in all item containers (hovering on weapon shows supported parts/kits etc... even in trader/loot inventories)
- Improved advanced video settings layout
- Optimized and cleaned up data files to reduce total size, mostly by removing unused assets
- Engine inventory is remade completely in lua, for full control over its functionality
- 3D UI for RF and Anomaly detector
- Updated launcher will now create folders appdata and gamedata if they don't exist
- New and improved psi damage system


- Improved lighting and water on DX8
- Fixed skyburn on other renderes
- Added simple subsurface scattering
- Improved FXAA
- changed SSDO loop for better performance
- Updated visor reflection shader 
- Improved scope lens dirt texture
- Updated shaders, removed dead code, optimized GBuffer Infomation
- Attempt to fix some shader issues on AMD hardware
- Fixed fog in particle shaders
- Removed gasmask_diffuse.ps shaders
- Removed glass reflection shaders
- New gasmask shaders
- Updated gasmask textures for new system | Compressed with DXT3.
- Fixed broken vertex position of water
- Fixed few incorrect variable names, added screen_res constant to gasmask_common.h
- Added PCSS shadow filterind (DX11/10), removed old GSC code for filters
- Changed shadowmap filtering for volumetric lighting
- Fix for weapon shading in R1


- Added new economy progression option: outfit drops. allowing playes to control how outfit drops happen with 3 choices (off / progressive / full)
- On "progressive" choice, outfits and helmets drop on corpses is related to their relative performance vs player's progression, preventing high end outfits from dropping on early games
- Rare stashes funcionality is changed. They no longer appear in specified locations. Player has a chance to get one each time they complete a set of any tasks, reward includes a toolkit.
- Damaged ammo types are removed from items pool, existing objects will be replaced with old version (still available in files)
- When player gives a drugkit to a medic, player will have access to drugkit crafting at the workshop of local mechanic
- Adjusted reward money multiplier for weapons fetch tasks, by reducibg the penlty of low conditions
- PDA screen glitch effect on surges and psi-storms
- You can scroll item containers way faster by holding LSHIFT, useful for big inventories
- You can check item details even if they belong to NPCs
- Experimental feature: stealth kills
- Improved PDA, Dosimeter and RF Receiver models + improved 3D UI
- Integrated Yim's Weapon Tweaks
- Added Freelook keybind
- Added a faint background to the health bar
- Added 4k console and small hud fonts
- Added Aim Sensitivity Slider
- You can detach attachments from weapons in loot mode for player and NPC bags
- You can disassemble stuff in Loot mode (both for player and NPC bags)
- keep dead mutants/npcs from triggering anomalies
- Reworked zoom factors (use 'g_ironsights_zoom_factor 1' on the console to disable zoom without scope)
- Made wounded monolith suicide a bit more fair
- Added setting to prevent stalkers from looting corpses near the player
- New in setting menu: Ironsight zoom factor, Headbobbing factor, Use 3D PDA model
- Added psi health bar to HUD and tweaked status icons & bars
- Make psi damage more balanced and psi heal rate depending on psi protection
- Improved drop chance of bandages in loot
- Added options for enemy weapon dispersion to the gameplay difficulty settings
- Fixed npc not using healing items
- No message if npc too far to avoid spam of npc in combat far from player
- Aslan now accepts duty patches for the lottery


- Stitch's quest for medical supplies is more reasonable in terms of quantity and reward.
- Rogue's stalker squad in Limansk shouldn't leave their smart terrain any more.
- Target marker for "Mortal Sin: Dark Crusade" is updated correctly.
- Chernobog initiates dialogues when you walk to him.
- Stitch should no longer walk out of his hiding place in Generators and valiantly fight local mutants.
- Failing the "Operation Afterglow: Undercover Agent" quest actually causes UNISG simulation squads to start spawning at the smart terrain. 
- Strelok no longers talks as if one of his companions died even when both are alive at the end of Operation Afterglow.
- Tweaked/fixed the way some routes to new levels are unlocked during the campaign to make more sense based on progression.
- Restored stationary simulation Duty squads to the Rostok checkpoint in the Garbage.
- Pilot should no longer walk out of Skadovsk to duke it out with Bandits.
- Fixed some spelling errors in text.


- Fixed companions dead brain. Now they see, hear, fight and kick ass.
- Fixed Azazel mode not working in Warfare
- Aspirin's long battle with the table has finally ended. "No more!" said Aspirin. He spend his days standing since then.
- Fixed an occasion with anomaly scanner task failing to get server object of one anomaly, leading the constant lag
- Warfare random start will no longer spawn special character on new game
- Dynamic anomalies won't be activated if they are close to player, preventing meme deaths
- Fixed SIG 550, MP5, G3 ironsights not being fully visible
- Artefacts spawn 1 meter above spawn point to avoid clipping under the terrain (reported anomaly was in Dead City - AW enterance)
- Added keybinds to radio buttons and companion wheel
- Fixed delivery tasks targeting task giver
- Fixed fast travel not being available for Renegades/ISG/Sin (by SinDeviance)
- Fixed Sin tasks to bring documents targeting wrong characters
- Fixed some weapons having inaccurate weight with attached scopes and sights
- Fixed Renegades patch not being usable as repair bonus
- Fixed NPCs getting doubled mutant loot
- Reduced hit impulse on kicking Tushkanos
- Fixed Meeker not handling ordered Gauss Rifle
- Fixed Heavy Repair Kit playing animation on opening
- Forced Doc and delivery tasks targets to be able to talk in all occasions
- Fixed Survival mode being available to pick with Story or Warfare mode, these 3 modes are not compatible with each others
- Fixed stalkers reporting deaths they witnessed despite being far or in different areas
- Fixed default settings for alot of options
- Fixed NPCs shooting only once with the new weapons they acquire through looting
- Player will be able to retreive their dropped weapons peacefully from companions
- Fixed Dynamic news not having enough location pointers for few levels
- Fixed npcs fake reporting stuff they don't actually see 
- Fixed 2 electro anomalies in pripyat, one of them is on the ferris wheel, that have massive hit range (change will take effect on a new game)
- Fixed medical packages not giving accurate amount of items
- NPCs won't loot outfits or helmets, and outfits exist already in their possess will drop in low condition
- Fixed wrong precondition for drugkit task by Professor Kalancha
- Fixed Hip taking any amount of ammo despite asking for 20 buckshots in her quest
- Fixed some unique squads spawning many times as time goes
- Fixed player being able to cook on extinguished campfires
- Fixed crash with TOZ-34 Bizon happening upon switching ammo with no-buck shot upgrade installed
- Fixed a crash happening with Wish Granter: Rich
- Fixed a fetch task for Charon with wrong requirements
- Fixed Savarog detector not sensing few types of springboards anomalies
- Fixed attachments being missing from inventory sorter
- Fixed inverted fire wound/explosion parameters for artefacts (awaiting engine bins)
- Fixed possible crash when selling documents to Barkeep
- Fixed artefact fetch task for Fanatic not taking artefact if it's inside a container
- Fixed possible crashes in all sort of UI windows when hint window frame get resized to small number
- Fixed possible crashes with scenario autosave (CoP leftover)
- Fixed some model textures lacking mips
- Fixed a logic error for X-16 Timer which prevented it from working properly
- Fixed an Arena dialog where Arnie takes 4K RU for a burer fight when he says he wants 5K
- Disguise will be unaffeced in Arena regardless of player's state to avoid a load of issues
- Fixed desynced reload sound for Remignston700 and SR-25
- Massive text revision [Red Forest Cake] [Fritz]
- Engine: fixed weapon scope upgrades being inverted and not saved properly
- Adjusted sleep zones to be disabled if player is holding items in hand, allowing him to interact with other things around like taking items
- Expanded action key range for campfire
- Campfires now can be ignited only if player have matches or fire kit
- Fix for wood plank in various maps
- Fixed sectors in Pripyat Outskirts
- Fixed a crash with dynamic news
- Optimized artefact textures
- Optimized some weapon textures
- Fixed some crashes in Agroprom and Garbage
- added "on_loot_monster_init" callback fired when mutant loot is generated by either player or npc
- health bar showed object health at the time the hit happened but before damage was dealt
- no more homing snorks, jump speed slightly faster to compensate
- unload guns if key pressed and inventory is open
- Fixed Mosin PU scope
- moved rpg/rg6/m79 to weapon explosive in spawner
- added smg category to debug spawner
- fix missing gaslamp particles
- Fixes and improvements for rain + wet surfaces
- added debug command "toggle_all_talk" to enable talking to all npc regardless of their current state, only use sparingly (talk to doctor) and turn off again after use
- fix items bought from random npc disappearing on level change
- suits given in arena matches no longer work for disguise
- Texture fixes for some Duty npcs
- added "look_f" and "look_object_f" in beh logic to get target from function instead of static coordinates or story id or hardcoded objects
- added "npc_on_eval_danger" callback to override danger detection
- fix for stuck companions
- added stealth headshots with silenced guns, too
- Fixed eco gasmask
- fix missing use button for sleepbag
- fix missing use for tent
- added a slider in game progression options to allow override minimum item condition to sell at traders
- Exclude items from debug spawner that should not be listed
- Fixed mechanics offering upgrades even if previous important upgrades are not installed
- Fixed svd lynx crash on hovering the scope 10x upgrade
- Fixed L85A2 scope
- Fixed misaligned kobra crosshair texture
- Lowered hud offsets for pistols and axe
- Fixed a dialog bug that could cause "No available phrase to say" exceptions
- Fixed some issues in dialog xml files
- Fixed dialog issue in Operation Afterglow
- Fix for inventory quick slots, double click no longer crashes but clears the slot instead
- Added a faint background bar to the health bar to indicate how close to full health the player is
- Fixed Pulse Anomaly not spawning and fixed a crash when it tries to hit the player
- Fixed rare crash related to pda messages
- Fixed crash with bounty tasks_bounty
- Fixed a case where players can view and loot some animations items for NPCs
- Fixed missing upgrades for L85A2
- Lowering/raising your weapon plays a camera animation, using the new actor_on_weapon_lower and actor_on_weapon_raise callbacks
- You no longer hide your weapon when you talk with npcs, instead the weapon will be lowered
- Stalkers will act normally if your weapon is lowered, instead of telling you to holster your weapon and aiming at you
- Fixed Fnx45 holosight
- Fixed slightly flickering digits on Dosimeter screen on R2-R4
- Actor effects fixes/improvements (mask wipe, headlamp, grenade quickthrow)
- Fixed detector + zoomed in pistol
- Added "fast" anim (if no weapon or detector is equipped)
- removed 2d scopes on weapons that shouldn't have them
- Wrong scope model on custom eotech m4a1
- Missing texture on ak74u with 1p29 scope
- Scaled down eotech crosshair
- All barska sights should use the same crosshair texture now
- Fixed aug a1 holosight (crosshair was offset and too small)
- Fixed static crosshair on FN2000 nimble
- Fixed ak102 (barska) showing two crosshair dots
- Fixed type63 4:3 aim hud offset
- Fixed stash tasks not spawning quest item (on rare stashes)
- Fixed radiation restoration for consumables showing + instead of - number sign
- Improved walk blend anm by asnen
- Safemode from/to animations by souvlaki
- Tweaked blend anm layers speed/power a bit
- Added device aim offsets for the new engine build
- Changed burner hit type to light_burn to remove the stuck in burner meme
- Added "anomaly_on_before_activate" and "burer_on_before_weapon_drop" callbacks
- Added lowered hud offsets to the wpn hud editor
- Tweaked actor crouch walk speed
- Fixed crash on using "take all" button in inventory
- No roaming military squads in Cordon upon starting a loner playthrough
- Fixed a case of non-clickable ammo in traders inventory
- Reduced tube damage for controllers to 50%
- Fixed a task for Voronin not giving +rep on complete
- Pressing ENTER on mutant loot UI will perform "loot all" action
- Fixed ammo and companion wheels flickering on fast key press
- Item picker will no longer start for items with no condition bar
- When a bounty squad unregistered from alife
- Updated NPC inventory cleaning scripts to adapt better code
- Fixed inventory resetting scroll upon item changes
- Fixed missing sound effect on equipping items
- Fixed crash with package delivery tasks
- Added scroll pad for item containers
- F5 will refresh the inventory. Handy if you want to reset trading windows or invetory after moving items
- Items cells and containers will adapt to any new change for shown items
- drag/drop functionality is now accurate regardless of update time/delay
- Fixed some mutant parts not being available to trade
- Dragging an item and aiming at top/bottom side of the container will scroll it up and down automatically
- heavy pockets achievement now actually makes trader offer you best items as said in description
- rearranged some items in spawner
- added more items to blacklist because cause crash if spawned or dropped or used or whatever
- HUD indicators (boosters and warning elements) are remade and controlled by LUA for automated layout to take less space
- Companions list on HUD is reworked (health bar + indicators on detecting enemies)
- Improved the visibility of health and stamina bars
- Rearranged HUD layout
- HUD elements will hide/show properly on various occasions
- Fixed vanilla scopes not showing properly on weapons
- Fixed crashes on attach or detach from weapons
- New script (actor_status.script) to gather info like current safe zone or actor stats like Sateinty
- New global function to execute custom functions
- More improvements to scripts localizations
- Removed some empty upgrades
- shaders.xr fix for shader version mismatch
- destroyable wooden boxes now have their own texture
- Fixed run blend animation being used for walking
- Improved headlamp hand animation position
- Disabled grenade quickthrow in cars
- Added screen space collimator shader
- Fixed crosshair textures not being centered
- Added Item Picker: Items of same sections will stack to preserve inventory size.
- Stats icons: when player having boost effect for one of the stats (positive or negative), related stat icon will play animation as an indicator
- Fixed cases of engine inventory being started instead of lua inventory by a handful of exports
- Quick access icons will be highlighted when player hover on booster item
- Fixed custom highlighting not working on trade or loot mode
- Fixed equipped items not being evaluated for trading in trade mode
- Fixed repair button being active when an item has full condition
- Equipped Artefacts will be automatically moved to ruck once player unequip their outfit
- New 2 outfits stats: belt size and carry weight
- Item cell sorting is improved to favorite important kind and condition
- Fixed screwed up trading mode
- Fixed headlamp automatically going off once it's on
- Installing upgrades is switched to use safer engine function instead of packets
- Player won't interact with a campfire if they are looking at a nearby object, like a stalker, to prevent overlapping with use key
- Fixed an error message cause by death manager
- Fixed outfit unequip animation playing in different time
- Fixed offline combat targeting special squads
- Fixed cases of HUD elements not hiding properly when GUI classes are shown (like dialog window)
- ShoC encyclopedia notification instead of dynamic news version
- Some other stuff like new functions for sending hud msg/notification/fade msg etc in actor_menu
- Player stats icons will play animation (white/red fade) if related stat is boosted
- Added Keybinds for sorter buttons
- Added Icons shadow
- Outfits will show 2 new stats (Belt slots and Carry Wight)
- Updated and organized callbacks
- More updates to scripts layout
- xr_patch read values from alife.ltx, you can control min and max distance switching from there
- All console command executing in scripts are directed to "_g.on_console_execute"
- Removed unused scripts
- Equal item cells will be sorted by alphaptic order to keep similar sections near each others
- Reduced the delay on item info box
- Fixed item spawner not showing section name on item info box
- More updates to localization files
- Fixed Sid and Forester not showing their inventories with the new inventory_upgrades
- Fixed a crash when releasing an equipped item
- Fixed progression settings in new game menu crashing the game, along with incorrent points
- Fixed some classes not sending callback ("server_entity_on_unregister")
- Improved the way scripts get speaking NPC, a global function is added for that: get_speaker()
- Layered animations are implemented and used globally on item huds
- implemented quick-throw grenade keybind, headlamp animations and single-handed gas-mask cleaning
- Automated alife online distance switching
- Added the following lua GUI classes (utils_ui.script): UICellItem, UICellContainer, UIInfoItem, UIInfoUpgr, UICellProperties, UIHint
- Modified a lot of UI classes like item details and others to use rely on the new UI utilities classes like item cells
- Ground work has been done for scripts for more independency, organaizing and less direct calls between scripts
- lua_help.script is updated with new engine exports
- Fixed AUG having wrong repair kit
- Fixed Galil ACE21 + Acog scope having small zoom factor
- Removed vid_restart from a few commands that don't need it
- Added mblur checkbox
- Changed shadow geom optimization to use a checkbox
- Changed how brightness modifiers work for much better control, see (dynamic_weather_graphs.ltx)
- Brightness option change now take effect in-game
- r2_sun_lumscale_amb is no longer hardcoded in scripts, NV will use a special modifier now for lumscale boost
- Fixed crash with RF Receiver
- Players can insert batteries in devices even if they are equipped in slots, no need to put them in inventory again to do.
- Inventory items highlight now works in all item containers (hovering on weapon shows supported parts/kits etc... even in trader/loot inventories)
- Fixed Savarog detector not sensing few types of springboards anomalies
- Fixed attachments being missing from inventory sorter
- Fixed inverted fire wound/explosion parameters for artefacts
- Fixed possible crash when selling documents to Barkeep
- Fixed possible crashes in all sort of UI windows when hint window frame get resized to small number
- Fixed possible crashes with scenario autosave
- lua_help.script cleaning
- PDA will be autohidden on travel to prevent issues with level changes UI
- Fixed default settings for tonemap
- PDA has low interia effect now
- Cordon - fixes for missing geometry, improved foliage on bald hill near car park, fixed trees and foliage clipping through buildings
- Jupiter - fixed floating geometry elements, fix to bad lightmaps, corrected sector assignment of meshes inside factory warehouses, fixes to sector/portal issues causing some of interiors dissapear at specific spots and angles, fixed missing sides in broken warehouse roof at factory warehouse.
- Corrected many default settings (commands)
- Improvements for advanced options settings, sun rays now are listed properly
- Fixed some models lacking mips
- Fixed crashes that can happen on UI that deal with items
- Fixed Hip task for getting 12x70 ammo, it told player to return to her once he get any amount of ammo
- New debug launcher button: change faction for target npc's squad
- Included new exports in lua help, with some organizing to game object class
- Fixed crash on Fake map that can be caused by guide job script
- Fixed crash with companions wheel
- Fixed artefact fetch task for Fanatic not taking artefact if it's inside a container
- Added 3 more impossible stashes to blacklist
- Fixed oversized holosights on r1/r2
- Fixed crashes related to pda messages
- Fix npc holding of Mosin
- Fixed inventory: can't attach silencers or GLs by drag/drop on equipped guns
- Fixed inventory: doubled "detach scope" menus
- Fixed inventory: disappearing guns/attachments after attaching/detaching
- Experimental: attempt to reduce fps lag for grenade explosions
- some RU string updates
- Allow Movement with companion and ammo wheels
- Escape and Use key can be used to close them
- Fixed light disappearing when aiming at the ground with a flashlight
- Improved device/detector positions, moved them closer to the screen to be more readable
- Clean Veles texture
- Freelook offsets (attempt to hide any clipping or other glitches when looking all the way to the sides)
- Fixed some clipping on mosin and mp153
- Removed scope texture from xm8
- Removed any radiation from game materials
- standing in water builds up radiation depending on map, this is to replace the radiation hardcoded in material that was removed to fix the meme instant 0 to 100 radiation zones
- Fixed disappearing headlamp light (similar issue as flashlight for some reason)
- RU string for the new autosave setting w/ stashes text fixes
- Arszi's Psi Fix
- Psi protection bar should be less broken
- added option to make hunting kit bonus available only by having the item in inventory
- Fixed psi storm frequency showing 6-12 twice (an not 12-24)
- Fallback default setting for minimap is "disabled" now
- draw detector on load if it was active on saving
- Fixed crash when giving the TOZ to Hip
- Fixed potential crashes when interacting with empty slots
- RU string for a 'Hunter Kit' setting, general text fixes and adjustments
- Fixed a ton of duplicate string issues
- Fixed some animation issues
- RU: Translation for updated LTTZ, and a small tweak for faction selection descriptions
- Added missing "actor_on_item_before_use" callback to the scripted inventory
- Removed lowering ability from the binocs
- Improved PDA animations
- Readjusted weapon aim offsets for the new static fov
- Fixed broken item stat bars on non 16:9 aspect ratios
- Return of the Map Keybind
- Fixed detector stuck after headlamp switch animation
- Better background for the health bar
- fixed npc on use callback not firing when you use unlooted corpse the first time
- Text updates and typo fixes in both languages (EN, RU)
- Fixed that some weapon upgrades were not unlocked by previous tiers
- Fixed some incorrect preinstalled upgrades on weapons
- Disabled yet another instadeath material
- Fixed an issue with a preinstalled upgrade on the alternative mp5
- Fixes for SVU upgrades
- Fixed military outfit permanently shifting the left hand position
- Fixed settings not updating correctly for "Depth of Field" and "Wet Surfaces"
- Fixed problem with selecting loadout while the text box to enter the player name is active
- Minor LTTZ quest item fix (Monolith shard)
- Updated Arszi's psi health system
- Fixed wrong aim offset for Sig550 Arrow + Acog
- Tweaked controller damage and efficiency of meds for psi healing
- RU: translation updates
- Changed some hardcoded text in scripts to use translations instead
- Fixed inventory opening when trying to grab a body with Shift+F
- Removed "stop at end" from a LOT of aim animations, zoom-in transition should be smoother now
- Fixed drug making kit not available at the vice after giving it to a medic
- Free vice access should work more reliably now
- Added missing gasmask effect to "Hero of Freedom" armor
- Fixed binoculars not appearing in trader inventories
- Allow mask wipe and headlamp switch for zoomed in pistols
- Fast travel spot discovering now uses a callback instead of updating every 100ms
- Hand should no longer change position when crouch-walking with an AS Val
- Enabled debug prints for timer actions - might be helpful to find which calls break timers for level changing, artefact containers, ...
- Freelook offset wasn't used for basic AS Val HUD
- Removed "on_smart_terrain_visited" in favor of "actor_on_interaction"
- Refresh UIs on changed resolution
- Refresh Level Changer hints on changed resolution
- Holding shift no longer blocks accessing inventory boxes
- Restored old act_arm_berill texture instead of the tree bark skin
- Text fixes, adjustments
- Fixed name on enemy healthbar not showing if enemy was a mutant
- Fixed entering code freezing inventory
- Fixed numpads carrying over code from other ones
- Now you can open doors by enetering code even before finding the corpse
- Fixed not being able to pick up stuff without having an outfit equipped
- Adjusted slider so it can pick only valid values, or fix console command to accept form 0.1
- Added new interactable encyclopaedia entries and supplied them with text
- Entries now have images, also we have some more text tweaks.
- More entries for Sin, more dialogue for generic NPCS, more text tweaks
- NPC say healing line when they do mid combat
- Removed a spam print, inverted move and donate in trading window and added a debug command
- Improve the infamous Military Stalker note, sorted out weird lore on the knives, polished Voronin further and brought the Resistance tooltips more in line with how Anomaly works
- Fixes, removed unused config lines, removed debug prints
- Fixed losing hunting kit bug with first hip quest
- Make punch drop item only if gun
- New text translation and further text fixes
- Added "squad_on_after_game_vertex_change" and "squad_on_after_level_change" callbacks
- Fixed some shader related issues
- Fixed some animation issues
- Shooting the explosive barrels on darkscape bridge no longer cripples performance
- Updated with latest psi changes
- Added game.translate_string() for xr_eat_medkit chatter character community
- Static hud_fov for the pda to avoid unreadable pda on high hud_fov settings
- Removed physics from the workshop table to fix physics explosions caused by it
- Added missing captures definition for hip's model

- Technical changes


- Added support for 21:9 ratio (_21.xml files can be added)
- Added support for #include lines to use (for example) #include "w_*.ltx" to load all weapon config files
- The log/console will no longer show the same line multiple times if it is spammed to the log multiple times (in a row - with no other text in between), instead it will only show the first line and the amount it was written in brackets
- Removed rs_fullscreen, rs_borlderless and rs_refresh_60hz commands, Added rs_screenmode command to switch between windowed, borderless and fullscreen
- Added actor-only dead body collision option to the g_dead_body_collision command
- Screenshot key is no longer hardcoded to F12 when the main menu is open (still is when console is open)
- Actor moving state export "level.actor_moving_state()"
- Multi threaded sound prefetching. Always prefetch all sounds unless "-noprefetch" is used
- TBB: Slightly faster HOM and textures loading
- TBB: Particle performance improvements
- xrSound: Don't crash on missing sound
- Added support for custom inventory item cell textures ("icons_texture" in item section)
- Added prefetching for individual textures or texture folders (requires textures.ltx in configs\prefetch folder)
- Added "force_hide_detector" script function, useful for item animations and grenade quickthrow (or maybe quickmelee)
- Moved ACTOR_FEEL_GRENADE and DEAD_BODY_COLLISION defines into console commands and improved dead body collision code to make toggling the command take effect on all dead bodies, not only newly "added" ones
- Improved .ogm texture display (still not perfect but no more yellow tint)
- Fixed cut off Dosimeter screen after using a veles detector
- Fixed a bug in WeaponMagazined.cpp regarding firemode selection and cleaned up some code
- Actor no longer hides their detector when talking to npcs
- Important fix for player_hud (somehow got broken during merging commits)
- Added ICU (for UTF-8 text support and conversion), included both static and shared libraries
- NPC names are no longer stored in translated format, instead the game will save/load a name_*:lname_* string which will then be translated to the game's language upon loading a save/spawning an npc. (The names will only update translations on a new save but older saves are compatible nonetheless).
- Changing the current localization now updates UIs, NPC names and the Discord integration strings
- Added a few default values for commands
- Added new console command types (CCC_Vector4, CCC_IVector3, CCC_IVector4)
- Added new console command "g_crosshair_color" to change default crosshair color
- Some improvements to the Discord integration
- Discord Integration now displays Cyrillic text correctly
- Added "timers_game" uniform for meatchunk (shader access to game/environment time)
- Added FPS limiter (r__framelimit)
- Changed most of the int commands into mask ones (support for on/off argument)
- Player Hud overhaul (detectors no longer shift around when equipping a weapon + new hand animation system for script use)
- Draw and holster sound support for throwables and the knife + throw sound for throwables
- Added "power_critical" to inventory items, it determines at which battery charge they stop working (detectors/flashlight), default = 3%
- Console command to turn off lens flare "r__lens_flares"
- Game will now use Desktop resolution instead of 1024x768 on first launch
- Added "mouse_sens_aim" command
- Fixed inverted fire wound / explosion for artefacts parameters
- Fixed PDA, campfires and sleep zones blocking the escape key in UIs
- Screenshot mode is no longer hardcoded to png format, now there's a command "r_screnshot_mode" to switch between jpg, png and tga formats
- Added Animation Blending/Movement layers support
- Landing no longer resets the movement animation
- Added another movement .anm type for ADS crouching
- Added support for more than 6 material step, collide and breaking sounds.
- #include "example_*.xml" includes can now be used in xml files to include multiple files
- Missing script animation sections or lines should no longer crash the game, they will return a length of 0ms instead
- Added custom device class "D_CUSTOM"
- Non-1x1 item cells no longer crash if you use them from a quickuse slot
- g_firepos no longer messes up melee weapon aim
- Pressing the sprint key with crouch or walk toggle enabled will "unpress" those keys
- Restored CustomZone particle optimizations, campfires and anomalies should no longer lose their particles despite being active
- Material ID's greater than 4 can be used for shader stuff, still compatible with old thm files
- PDA uses binoc third person animations and Weapon in safemode will now use NPCs lowered weapon idle animations
- Added diffuse samplers into lighting blenders
- Disabled q_sync_point by default, it can be enabled again using the "r2_qsync" console command
- Fixed mouse4 - mouse8 buttons not working for most keybinds
- Performance improvement in stalker path finding
- Mouse keybinds should be working correctly now in demo_record if "m_b_redirect_input_to_level" is true
- Fixed most cases of the cursor being clipped where it shouldn't
- Improved borderless window mode
- Added "smp_linear" to uber_deffer for another performance boost on details/grass
- Added thumb rotation config settings for the PDA in case we use a different model/animations in the future
- Esc key will now hide the PDA instead of opening the pause menu
- Fixed crash when loading texture mip maps
- Detectors/Devices no longer play no animation at all when the weapon is lowered
- Shotgun no longer plays "anm_close" if it wasn't empty before reloading
- Animation mixing for shotgun "anm_open" and rpg7 "anm_reload"
- DiscordPresence fixes/improvements
- Added console command to change the head bob factor
- Added support for "volumetric_intensity_factor" and "volumetric_distance_factor" in weather configs + weather editor support
- Re-enabled hardware yuv2rgb shader because software one didn't work on UI
- Item names no longer show up randomly when holding a PDA without holding the use key
- Added hud item support to bone_visible and set_bone_visible script functions
- Fixed nearby items text with 3d pda
- Added "g_3d_pda" command to switch between 2d and 3d pda
- Safemode/lowered weapon improvements (blend anms for walk/sprint, switch animations), can sprint in safemode now
- Burer StaminaHit will call the _G.CBurer_BeforeWeaponDropCallback callback to avoid weapon dropping by returning false
- Burers, Poltergeists and Pseudogiants can no longer throw quest items around
- Fixed "wrong animation index" spam
- Force pda to not activate when moving it to the slot
- Added support for texture2160 value for fonts (4k fonts) since vanilla fonts are too small for 4k displays
- Devices now use their own aim offset to be compatible with different weapon offsets
- Removed player_hud model pool since it clashed with the global model pool and caused crashes on exiting the game sometimes
- Safemode no longer blocks most weapon actions, instead player will exit safemode and execute that action
- Using wrong inputs in set_override_animation no longer freezes the script engine (why was there a NODEFAULT :O)
- Fixed UI Dialogs with StopAnyMove() = false passing on ALL key inputs which led to strange behavior like sprint toggle being pressed twice
- Removed sprint key hack from the pda ui since that bug is fixed now
- Fixed fire key canceling empty reload animations
- Fixed npcs being unable to reload if actor weapon is lowered
- Added "adjust_hud_fov" setting to hud item sections which will make them auto adjust the hud_fov to look the same on all fov levels
- Hud fov no longer updates for devices that aren't actually drawn
- Fixed a crash if you draw the 3d pda in third person mode
- Renamed the PlayEmptyClickAnm to a more universal sounding PlayBlendAnm for future use
- Reverted to QPC FTimer code + OXR pause timer fixes, pause timer shouldn't cause any trouble now.
- Changing a sound's pitch will now adjust its length to avoid sounds cutting out or having a pause at the end
- All sounds will now adjust their pitch/speed to the current time_factor unless the "-sound_constant_speed" launch param is used
- The game will now look for the commandline.txt in the working directory in case the exe is launched from somewhere else like through a debugger
- Added hud adjust support for custom ui position/rotation
- Removed the need for _16x9 animations for devices
- Freelook fixes (PDA, missing arm parts, weird item scaling, head rotation, etc...)
- Added bolt throw animations support for devices
- Added "g_always_active" command to make the game keep running when focus is lost
- Added hud_fov to the m_hud_params uniform
- Added weapon safemode/lowered position
- Weapon can be fired while sprinting or when in freelook mode and will fire in barrel direction, shooting will exit freelook
- Some more animation/movement fixes, enabled blending where it should be enabled
- All hud items use layered sound definitions now, added a few more sounds to WeaponMagazined, including actor/stereo sounds
- All hud items use hud collision and inertia now
- Lamps and Torches should return to their idle color now after flickering has stopped
- Added fire point and shell point to hud adjust
- Binoc fixes, should no longer show dead or out of fov objects (CoC)
- Knife fixes, you can no longer do right click damage if you press both mouse buttons, left click attack no longer stops sprinting
- Exported casting for a good amount of game object classes, which makes exports easier to expand in the future
- Fixed crash that could sometimes happen with entity collisions
- Fixed Discord integration crash with string conversion
- Added console command to change the head bob factor
- Fixed crash related to animation blending
- Smoothed up Freelook
- Slightly reduced cam speed when Freelook is active
- Simplified CustomZone MoveScript function
- Fixed crash if Weapon has a permanent scope but no "scope_texture" line
- Freelook should look the same on different hud_fov settings now
- "shooting_hud_effect" will affect the left hand device/detector if the weapon is zoomed in
- Safemode freelook offset won't affect the left hand if holding a device/detector
- Fixed empty hand appearing on script animations if weapon was removed from the slot
- Fixed naruto run
- Re-enabled weapon lights on R1 and added a minimum range to prevent the stutter on shooting
- Implemented last shot and "_empty" animations for WeaponMagazined(WGrenade) and classes inheriting from it
- Fixed freelook + lowered weapon
- Fixed the detector/bolts crash
- Fixed two possible missing animation crashes
- Actor jump and actor land callbacks
- Fixed completely broken luajit memory mapping
- Workaround for string table crash
- Allow left click canceling reloads for auto shotguns
- Added "g_ironsights_zoom_factor" command (default 1.25)
- Added fourth argument to r2_mask_control
- Print failed VERIFY (only with -dbgdev launch param)
- Removed R_ASSERT for UIFrameWindow size (800x600 crash)
- Some smaller stability improvements
- Added new script command to fix unloading weapons in npc inventory when looting
- Fixed animation blending crash
- Fixed some shader uniform bindings
- Removed unnecessary assertion in UI that caused a crash in rare cases
- write mini dump on crash (written to appdata\logs)
- Added slight hud_fov modifier when aiming with ironsights to bring the weapon closer depending on the ironsight zoom factor setting
- Fixed hand animations + lowered Weapon
- Allow single-hand animations while freelook is active
- Fixed device stuck in throw position after putting the bolt away
- fov no longer affects the hud, only hud_fov does
- [R3/R4] Engine will output define into shaders depending on detected GPU vendor
- [R3/R4] Fixed delayed light testing Info: Should fix problems with "ghosting" shadows
- [R3/R4] Fixed point light shadows and light plane Info
- Main Menu will open instantly when pressing Esc while the pda is still hiding
- Removed hud_fov auto adjust for ironsights since the fov change breaks it
- Created new compile target VerifiedDX11
- Compiled with better optimization settings to improve performance
- Left/Right click outside of a text edit box will simulate pressing enter on that box
- [R3/R4] Attempt to fix sun cascade problems
- "Silent" (script) console commands no longer reset the console
- Don't auto zoom out weapons when a script animation is played
- Improved handling of errors during game object spawning
- Better way to disable the ladder for the actor, also disabled ladders for mutants
- More errors reported in log and gracefully handled instead of crashing
- Changed build configuration for VerifiedDX11 (this exe is for debugging only)
- Allow level map screenshots on DX10/11
- No need to force fullscreen for level map screenshots
- Added missing hud_mode to r3 and r4 lights and adjusted it to no longer use g_fov
- Reworked script onbeforehit callbacks and added "weapon_id" to SHits, SHits can change the draftsman of onbeforehit callbacks now
- Added _G.CActor__OnBeforePHCapture callback (comes with a bool that tells you if the visual you're trying to capture exists in [ph_capture_ visuals]
- Adjusted "wpn_degradation" command min/max to 0.1 - 2.0
- Removed "adjust_hud_fov" field for hud items since it's no longer needed
- Added "hud_fov" field for hud items to give them a specific hud_fov (useful for the pda)
- PiP scopes no longer render in alt-aim or grenade launcher mode
- Fixed :set_visual_name()
- All hud items can make use of custom script ui now
- Removed unused samplers from raindrops blender
- Nightvision framework, tweaked on/off "switch" for gasmask/nightivsion effects
- Added temp rendertarget of scene for SSR
- Clean depth/stencil buffer every single frame to avoid ghosting....
- Added blur phase Info: Outputs full res, half res, quarter res, blurred image. Useful for NV/DOF
- Added bloom phase for new pp_bloom
- Updated gasmask renderphase
- Updated pp_bloom renderphase
- Updated blur renderphase
- Updated depth of field renderphase
- Updated raindrops renderphase
- Updated nightvision renderphase
- Changed grass culling mode
- Updated vertex shaders for postprocessing blender
- Added example of proper renderphase DX9-11.


- Added a new set of alife handlers to creating/releasing objects, all scripts are directed to rely on them for global logging and safe handling
- Organized _G, and moved the most used utilities from other scripts into _G
- m_data will automatically clean se_obj table from ids of unregistered server objects, this will avoid weird behaviour of new objects that take older IDs
- Squad sections now new field "common" to determine if its a common squad, more reliable to deal with by scripts
- Disabled companions list button inside PDA
- All utils scripts are organized into "utils_*.script" files, each under its own purpose. Instead of having them in different random files
- Added global temp table _EVENT to store and get values in global scope. Handy for scripts to pick up values without the need for callbacks or accessing other scripts (currently used for surge and psi-storms events)
- Full revision for lua_help.script, now it mentions Anomaly engine exports
- Added support for "actor_menu_inventory.CUIActorMenu_DonateCurrentItem" script function
- Added script functions to move anomalies or change their attack range
- Unified detectors/device code in CCustomDevice class, devices can use zoom animations now
- Added support for custom script ui to devices
- sound:play_no_feedback() can now change frequency as well
- Added "hud_mode" property to script lights
- Added a script function to UI Dialogs to toggle actor movement :AllowMovement(bool)
- Added a second "set_override_animation" script function for monsters that uses id + index instead of animation name
- Anomalies will send the "_G.CCustomZone_BeforeActivateCallback" callback before activating, returning false will stop the zone from activating and add the zone_ignore property to the object
- Added "destroy_object" script function to safely destroy anomaly zones
- Scripts can now read keystates and init key press/hold/release events
- Added "set_position" function for script particle effects
- Script can now adjust the PDA screen "glitch" factor using pda:set_psy_factor(0 - 1) and pda:psy_factor() to read it
- Added 10 new custom keybinds
- New exports for inventory owner (item management between bag, slots and ruck): iterate_ruck, iterate_belt, move_to_ruck, move_to_slot, move_to_belt
- New exports for UIStatic xml class (custom textures rotation): EnableHeading, GetHeading, SetHeading, SetConstHeading, GetConstHeading
- New export for CCustomOutfit and CHelmet to get bone protection
- New exports for alife module: "objects", "get_children", "give_info", "disable_info"
- get_movement_speed() script function now returns actual actor movement speed
- Fixed npc object being nil in stalker and monster before hit callbacks
- Added "script_light" and "script_glow" classes to spawn and manipulate script light sources
- Added support for scripted static and skeleton wallmarks
- inventory_for_each script function no longer skips untradable items
- Added level.get_env_rads() function
- Added support for inventory boxes in :object_id function
- Added eOnWeaponLowered and eOnWeaponRaised callbacks
- Added game.actor_lower_weapon(bool) script function
- FS rescan_pathes script function
- Added "game.world2ui()" script function to translate a world position into ui screenspace 2d pos
- "bone_position" script function can now read bone positions of hud item models
- StopShooting now calls FireEnd instead of just switching bWorking to false
- Fixed Pulse Anomaly not spawning and fixed a crash when it tries to hit the player
- Companion wheel keybind can be used to close it again, similar to the ammo wheel
- replaced checkbox for autosave with input field to let users write how often to autosave
- Toned down and re-enabled the "shooting_hud_effect"
- Fixed many reported script crashes
- Sleep menu won't trigger when aiming at an item/object
- fixed unloading of weapons in npc loot UI
- Fourth argument of r2_mask_control can now be used to set the opacity of the condensation droplets
- Moved "update_best_weapon" from ai_stalker.script to _g.script
- Added support for psi bar HUD element
- Added m_ui_psy_bar and m_ui_psy_bar_show to CUIHudStatesWnd LUA bindings
- Added SetPsyBar and GetPsyBar to CActorCondition LUA bindings
- Renamed "dev_param_[1-8]" to "shader_param_[1-8] and made them available outside of debug mode
- Added "time_continual" export, for timer based scripts while the game is paused
- new callback to manage npc weapon

Debug Mode:

- Added a new option (debug error notifications). When enabled, it shows a notification on HUD if an error is logged
- Added new alife handlers in _G, object creation/releasing in all scripts is directed to use them for full monitoring
- More improvements for the debug mode
- New debug launcher button: change faction for target npc's squad
- Fixed crash on Fake map that can be caused by guide job script
- Better callstack formatting
- callstack function now has 2 parameters for print first stack only + return string instead of logging
- Fixed potential crash with "change faction" debug menu
- Fixed potential debug spawner crash


Wystarczy pobrać, wypakować do dowolnego, pustego folderu (byle nie na dysku C:) i można grać – nie potrzebujecie podstawki trylogii, ani żadnego, dodatkowego oprogramowania.

Uwaga! Jeśli podczas uruchamiania wyświetli Wam się błąd związany z folderem appdata, po prostu utwórzcie w katalogu Anomaly pusty folder o tej nazwie.

Po wypakowaniu moda, folder gamedata ze spolszczeniem przenosicie do głównego katalogu gry.

Poprzednie wersje moda:

Anomaly jest w wersji samodzielnej, więc wystarczy pobrać wszystkie części moda w takiej kolejności, w jakiej widzicie je wyżej, następnie wypakować je do tego samego folderu.

Podobało się? Udostępnij i pomóż w ekspansji Centrum Zony!
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    wrz 24, 2020 @ 9:43 am

    Gdy klikam w pierwszy link, przenosi mnie na pustą stronę vkontakte i nic się nie dzieje.

  • img
    wrz 26, 2020 @ 17:07 pm

    Też mam podobny problem ;/

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    wrz 26, 2020 @ 17:56 pm

    Zaktualizowaliśmy linka, teraz będzie działać 🙂

  • img
    lis 1, 2020 @ 9:44 am

    Mam pewien problem. Gdy próbuje zainstalować wersję RC18 i próbuje odpalić grę, wyskakują mi 3 błędy mówiące, że nie znaleziono:
    1) Obiektu tbb.dll
    2) obiektu icuuc65.dll
    3) discord_game_sdk.dll

    Próbowałem dwa razy przeinstalować i dalej to samo. Grę instaluje Kolejno wgrywając: główne pliki, update (4), hotfix (8.1) i potem wypakowuje tam pliki Rc15 torrent, Rc15-to-Rc16, Rc16-to-Rc17 i na koniec Rc17-to-Rc18.

    Znajdzie się na to jakaś porada lub rozwiązanie ?

    • img
      lis 1, 2020 @ 15:36 pm

      Zainstaluj jeszcze raz, najlepiej poza Program Files. Najpierw czyste Anomaly, żeby sprawdzić czy będzie działać, potem dopiero update’y.

  • img
    lis 1, 2020 @ 20:04 pm

    Niestety dalej to samo. Najpierw zainstalowałem czyste Anomaly, odpaliłem i działała w porządku, natomiast gdy wgrałem te 4 update’y RC ponownie nastąpił wyżej wymieniony problem Czy wersja RC15 to tylko jeden plik ? Ponieważ u mnie jest to jeden plik otwierany notatnikiem, a wersje RC16, RC17 i Rc18 są już zbudowane z co najmniej trzech folderów.

    • img
      lis 1, 2020 @ 20:11 pm

      Nie, to nie jest jeden plik. Nie używasz starej wersji Anomaly, tylko ściągasz od nowa pełną wersję RC15. Do pobrania jej musisz użyć klienta sieci torrent, np. utorrent. Rozpakowujesz ją gdzie chcesz (to pełny mod, nie patch!), a następnie na to nakładasz kolejne łatki.

  • img
    lis 2, 2020 @ 13:12 pm

    Ok, teraz wszystko działa, dzięki za pomoc.

  • img
    lis 11, 2020 @ 12:00 pm

    A u mnie Zgubił PDA słychać że włącza ale go nie widać. Jak to naprawić?

  • img
    quazek Odpowiedz
    lis 11, 2020 @ 20:06 pm

    Czy tylko mi nie działa latarka, bohater wyjmuje ja, jest animacja wlaczania latarki (latarka reczna i latarka czolowa) a mimo to nie daje swiatla 🙁

  • img
    lis 18, 2020 @ 21:26 pm

    Ja mam inny problem, mianowicie jak gram przez dłuższy czas to modyfikacja wywala na pulpit i nie ma żadnego komunikatu ani nic.

  • img
    lis 18, 2020 @ 21:48 pm

    Tak myślałem tylko nie byłem pewny zadziałało dzięki wielkie.

  • img
    lis 29, 2020 @ 10:34 am

    Panowie , po wrzuceniu paczki RC19 pojawił mi się problem z hełmami. Po założeniu egzy bądź jakiegoś hełmu przestaję widzieć , pojawiają się tylko błyski świateł przy obracaniu postacią.

    • img
      lis 29, 2020 @ 18:50 pm

      Jedyne, co przychodzi mi do głowy to przeinstalowanie wszystkiego od RC15-19. Ja grałem w ostatnią wersję całkiem sporo i nie miałem żadnych problemów… Wręcz przeciwnie, wszystko działa dużo lepiej.

  • img
    Gh0sT Odpowiedz
    lis 30, 2020 @ 17:53 pm

    Pobrałem czyste anomally przez u torrent i wszystkie patche. I tak występuje problem z tymi 3 plikami. Jakieś sugestie ?

    • img
      lis 30, 2020 @ 17:57 pm

      Z jakimi plikami? Pobierasz wersję RC15, potem instalujesz wszystkie patche w kolejności rosnącej.

  • img
    Gh0sT Odpowiedz
    lis 30, 2020 @ 18:28 pm

    Chyba się udało dojść do przyczyny błędu. Czy polonizacja jest do tej wersji Anoamlly ?

    • img
      lis 30, 2020 @ 18:55 pm

      Nie rozumiem pytania. Nie wiem co ma „polonizacja” (czyli narzucanie polskiej kultury) do moda do S.T.A.L.K.E.R.-a 🙂

  • img
    Gh0sT Odpowiedz
    gru 1, 2020 @ 17:25 pm

    A znany ci jest problem z PDA ? jest dźwięk właczenie/ wyłączenia, ale nic nie widać. Po rzekomym schowaniu go mod przestaje reagować ?

  • img
    Gh0sT Odpowiedz
    gru 1, 2020 @ 18:22 pm

    Gdzie jest opcja by to wyłaczyć, przeszukałem ustawienia i nie mogę znaleźć 🙁

  • img
    Gh0sT Odpowiedz
    gru 1, 2020 @ 19:36 pm

    Problem jest jeden addon, którzy według twórcy powinien działać tylko na wersji RC19. Dzięki za pomoc, temat wędruje do twórcy addona.

  • img
    Skajdrovski Odpowiedz
    gru 5, 2020 @ 17:51 pm

    Czy macie możliwość hostowania plików na google drive ? Mediafire ma toporne prędkości pobierania

  • img
    Mielony69 Odpowiedz
    sty 7, 2021 @ 11:19 am

    Siema,ściągnąłem każdy update od 15 do 21 co tutaj jest na stronie i wszystko jest git dopóki nie ładuje mi się gra i nagle wywala do pulpitu z dźwiękiem erroru windowsa…
    Panowie ktoś coś ?

    • img
      sty 7, 2021 @ 18:03 pm

      Nie instalowałeś przypadkiem RC15 na poprzednią wersję?
      Tak czy siak – zainstaluj jeszcze raz, bo coś musiałeś po drodze zrobić nie tak.

  • img
    Mielony69 Odpowiedz
    sty 8, 2021 @ 10:38 am

    Instalowałem RC15 Na te pliki które były razem z tym w torrencie,launcher itp.

    • img
      sty 8, 2021 @ 16:50 pm

      Instalujesz RC15. W pustym folderze. Potem RC16, 17, aż do 21. Musi działać.

  • img
    Mielony69 Odpowiedz
    sty 8, 2021 @ 22:49 pm

    Dzięki kolego już wszystko działa 🙂 Pozdrawiam

  • img
    sty 13, 2021 @ 23:09 pm

    Mod w zasadzie jest mocno przerobionym Zewem Czarnobyla. Na duży plus grafika (wszystko na max robi robotę ;D), duża ilość uzbrojenia, czy innych przedmiotów urozmaicających rozgrywkę. Gra ma piekielnie dużo opcji w ustawieniach (chyba najwięcej ze stalkerów w które grałem), ale to tylko ułamek nowych rozwiązań wprowadzonych do moda. Polecam serdecznie każdemu, kto lubi rozbudowane mody i bardziej \'survivalowe’ doświadczenie z stalkera. Pozdrawiam, Wujek Jar.

  • img
    Paweł Odpowiedz
    sty 15, 2021 @ 0:24 am

    Co mam zrobić bo po instalacji rc22 nie startuje mi gra. Zakręci się kółko przy kursorze i tyle. Co jest grane? Pobrałem RC22.

    • img
      sty 15, 2021 @ 3:28 am

      Musiałeś coś źle zainstalować, spróbuj jeszcze raz. Albo pobierz wersję RC22 przez torrent – nic nie trzeba do niej dokładać.

  • img
    Kysior Odpowiedz
    sty 24, 2021 @ 15:04 pm

    Szybkie te linki. Gdzie znajdę oficialną stronę Anomaly? Ewentualnie gdzie znajdę jakieś informacie z grubsza o zmianach, czyli postępy prac od czasu update 4 hotfix 8?
    Dziękuję w imieniu wszystkich graczy że prowadzicie aktywnie tą stronę by nas dzień informować o nowościach.
    *zakłada kałasza na ramię* Witaj zono

    • img
      sty 24, 2021 @ 16:20 pm

      Anomaly nie ma swojej strony, jedynie serwer na Discordzie.

  • img
    lut 2, 2021 @ 14:37 pm

    Nie mogę tego pobrać pusta strona

  • img
    MiszaRozpierdzisza Odpowiedz
    cze 22, 2021 @ 17:07 pm

    https://www.moddb.com/mods/stalker-anomaly dużo po czasie ale może się przyda

    • img
      cze 22, 2021 @ 19:48 pm

      To jest dokładnie ta sama wersja moda, którą masz podlinkowaną wyżej.

  • img
    cze 30, 2021 @ 9:11 am

    Zrobicie spolszczenie do tej wersji moda?

    • img
      cze 30, 2021 @ 18:08 pm

      Już jest, ale ciągle w fazie testów. Zapraszamy na Discorda, tam znajdziesz więcej informacji 🙂

  • img
    stalker pietrow Odpowiedz
    lip 25, 2021 @ 21:53 pm

    witam, mam pytanie, słyszałem kilka razy, że w grze istnieje kilka historii fabularnych ale nie wiem jak je aktywować, dodam, że ukończyłem grę w czystym niebie

    • img
      lip 26, 2021 @ 1:34 am

      Jak zobaczysz wiadomości o tym, że Striełok wrócił, pogadaj ze stalkerami. Przepytaj też dowódcę swojej frakcji – w końcu pojawi się nowy dialog i tym samym zaczniesz pierwszą nitkę fabularną.

  • img
    stalker pietrow Odpowiedz
    lip 27, 2021 @ 15:19 pm

    próbowałem i nic takiego się nie dzieje :/ przy monolicie wybrałem opcję nieśmiertelności(zapomniałem o tym wspomnieć), bo chyba tylko to pozwala grać dalej, ale o striełoku od nikogo ani słowa, to samo z zimnym, można od niego tylko wziąć zadania na bandytów, czyli jeśli dobrze rozumiem robić poboczniaki do skutku aż pojawi się wiadomość o striełoku?

    • img
      lip 27, 2021 @ 15:45 pm

      Tak. I pamiętaj, że przy rozpoczynaniu nowej gry opcja „tryb fabularny” musi być zaznaczona.

  • img
    stalker pietrow Odpowiedz
    sie 1, 2021 @ 15:54 pm

    Fabułę ruszyłem dalej, poszedłem do Łotrzyka na Zatonie, udałem się z nim do Striełoka i tu rodzi się kolejny problem, kiedy zaczynam z nim rozmowę i wybieram pierwszą opcję dialogową wyrzuca mi grę do pulpitu.

  • img
    Mały Akolita Odpowiedz
    paź 24, 2021 @ 12:00 pm

    Cześć, Mam pewien problem z RF Reciver’em, odbiornikiem, Nie pokazuje w ogóle żadnych cyfr. Spotkał się ktoś z czymś takim? Wie ktoś jak to naprawić?

  • img
    lis 21, 2021 @ 10:29 am

    Wiem ze zazwyczaj po modowaniu Savey nie działają a mimo to i tak się łudziłem, że działać będą. Nowa gra uruchamia się bez problemu wcześniejsze save nie. Istnieje jakiś sposób, żeby uratować zapis?

    • img
      lis 21, 2021 @ 16:06 pm

      Usuń zainstalowane addony, po których save przestał działać.

  • img
    lis 27, 2021 @ 9:01 am

    W sumie to źle się określiłem, bo właśnie usunąłem jeden z modów mianowicie Boomsticks_and_Sharpsticks, ponieważ kłuły mnie w oczy niepolskie nazwy broni, ale kiedy zainstalowałem ponownie, zapis działa. Wiec widać zapis działa tylko z modyfikacją, z jaka był wykonany. Dzięki za pomoc Sieroża

  • img
    lis 28, 2021 @ 22:03 pm

    Witam ponownie. Zdaje się ze mam problem natury technicznej. Otóż dostaje od Brodacza zadanie „Rekiny biznesu” aby ze schowka w domu towarowym w Prypeci przynieść cos ze schowka. Jednak kiedy docieram na miejsce to są tam zamknięte białe podwójne drzwi otoczone barykada z mebli kiedy podchodzę, pojawia się opcja „otwórz” jednak gdy wciskam klawisz, nic się nie dzieje. Czy to problem fabularny (np. muszę znaleźć klucz czy coś) czy też coś nie działa tak, jak powinno?

  • img
    gru 15, 2021 @ 5:27 am

    Kamień milowy wypuklający mnóstwo aspektów związanych z Uniwersum Strefy Zamkniętej. 59 addonów do pogłębienia immersji, 52gb treści wypełnionej zabawą po brzegi dostępnej gratis to uczciwa cena. Kiełbasa, Chleb i wiśta w Zonę bez zbędnych dywigacji. Essa

  • img
    gru 22, 2021 @ 19:05 pm

    Cześc.Mam problem pobrałem Anomaly z waszej strony ale gdy próbuję odpalic gre w menu launcher wyskakuje mi taki komunikat „nie można kontynuować wykonania kodu ponieważ brakuje obiektu d3dx3_43.dll”
    Ktoś ma jakiś pomysł czego może brakować albo co jest przyczyna tego błędu?

    • img
      gru 22, 2021 @ 19:56 pm

      Przeinstaluj DirectX. Najlepiej szukaj DirectX Redistributable (June 2010), po instalacji powinno działać.

  • img
    gru 23, 2021 @ 15:21 pm

    Wszystko działa wielkie dzięki Sierioża

  • img
    sty 3, 2022 @ 22:01 pm

    Witam stalkerską brać, szukam jakiegoś moda lub addona do Anomaly pokazujące zmiany pór roku, wiem że są paczki tekstur ale nie tego szukam żeby zmienić na stałe krajobraz. Dziękuję za wszelką pomoc i dobrej Zony włóczędzy!

  • img
    kwi 10, 2022 @ 20:08 pm

    Czy spolszczenie jest kompatybilne z addonami, które dodają nowe postacie, modele itp itd?

    • img
      kwi 11, 2022 @ 8:39 am

      Jeśli addony nie dodają nowych plików tekstowych lub linii dialogowych, to tak. O szczegóły pytaj na serwerze Discord Anomaly.

  • img
    Miszka Odpowiedz
    kwi 6, 2024 @ 8:24 am

    Przed zakończeniem fabuły w chwili kiedy powinny pojawić się napisy wywala grę, czy to wina spolszczenia? pobierałem anomaly kilka razy i przechodziłem fabule i nadal to samo 🙁

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