A jednak – aktualizacja RC23 do Anomaly wylądowała


I kolejna…

Choć wydawać by się mogło, że poprzednia wersja będzie ostatnią przed „pełną” 1.5, autorzy Anomaly zaskoczyli kolejną aktualizacją, tym razem oznaczoną RC23. Wśród najważniejszych nowości warto wyróżnić naprawę błędu związanego z przedmiotami przekazanymi towarzyszom, korektę efektów dźwiękowych deszczu czy liczne poprawki oświetlenia. Pełna lista zmian poniżej (po rosyjsku), a Anomaly RC23 pobierzecie z tego miejsca.

[ GAME ]
- Partners: fixed a bug that caused items transferred to quest partners to disappear from the player's inventory;
- Removed the adjustable sight from the VSSK, since the rifle has a corresponding modification; also adjusted the offset in the free view;
- Fixed definition of zones for shelter from emissions and psi-storms, which should get rid of shelters a la in the middle of a clear field;
- Rebalancing of the sound effects of rain and its drops hitting on hats;
- Fixed the large size of the prefetch file when the corresponding option is enabled in the settings / launcher;
- Fixed HOM- / mesh occlusion in Dark Valley;
- Fixed guitar and accordion playing the sound incorrectly when used by the player;
- Fixed the state of weapon parts that changed their state when changing body kits;
Fixed a tent that still took a few seconds to deploy with disabled item animations.
- Fixed duplication of "use" in the sleeping bag context menu;
- Weather fixes in underground laboratories: the files responsible for fog and environment overwritten some parameters;
- Updated weather preset for clearer pictures of the location (top);
- Weather fixes;
- Minor bug fixes related to contrast and skyburn;
- Added parameters "fire_point", "fire_point2", "fire_direction" and "shell_point" for the weapon editor;
- Fix for HOM mesh in Wild Territory;
- Rain / Storm: Reworked rain intensity as well as color to reduce the flickering of rain particles;
- Storm: removed the sun during the daytime storm, which led to "jumping" shadows of the sun;
- Reworked lightning intervals (some were too long);
- Rebalancing lighting and contrast for a better ratio;
- Improved the periods of sunrise and sunset, which, in the hope, should negate the cases when the sun peeped through the terrane;
- Further improvements to minimize bad skyboxes;
- Removed broken "Kimber" from trade presets and NPC profiles;
- Slightly increased the brightness of the terrain on Cordon;
- Fixed a number of equipment, the state of which deteriorated under the influence of radiation;
- Fixed a case where the night vision effect continued to work if the working headband was removed from the inventory;
- Fog: new sun texture for foggy weather;
- Fixed a number of cases when the sun could be seen under the terrain;
- Jupiter: geometry fixes;
- Pripyat-1: fixed a cache in the train associated with a sector bug;
- Swamps: lighting fixes in R1, other fixes;
- Cordon: fixes for lighting in R1 and geometry;
- Garbage: lighting fixes in R1;
- Agroprom: fixes for lighting in R1;
- Dark Valley: lighting fixes in R1;
- Bar: fixes for lighting in R1 and terrain under the cache;
- Army warehouses: lighting fixes in R1;
- Zaton: fixes for lighting in R1 and geometry;
- Fixed inability to set color values ​​back to 255 if they were changed;
- Fixed incorrect texture path in the Pripyat-1;
- Fixed inability to disable MSAA.

- Small fix for the functionality (on / off) of the display of detectors;
- Removed blood stains when taking damage from acid anomalies;
- Detailed print of the error if the script cannot be loaded;
- Replacing "_alloca" with "xr_alloc" in "xrCDB Collector :: calc_adjacency", also added verification confirmations;
- Using "fire_direction" to rotate "fire_bone";
- HUD adjustments for "fire_bone (2)", "shell_point" and "fire_direction";
- Fixed abrupt stop of last shot animations for pistols;
- Working definition of actor lighting for CTorch, as well as improvements in general.
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